Tue 25 Jun 2024

Interview with… Lusaint


We caught up with singer-songwriter Lusaint ahead of her performance at BBC Introducing at The Lower Third, London on Thursday 04 July.

Hi Lusaint! Please tell us a bit about yourself!

Hello! Of course, I’m a singer songwriter from Manchester. My music combines elements of pop soul and jazz. I’ve been releasing music for just over a year now and recently released my latest single Sober which is from my debut EP Self Sabotage coming in September.

Where did your love for jazz, soul and blues originate from?

I’ve always listened to this style of music from a young age. Mainly Nina Simone and Ella Fitzgerald who have been huge inspirations. My parents also loved Motown and soul music so I grew up listening to it also. I’ve watched so many documentaries and watched their live performance. I take so much away from watching them every time.

Congratulations on your latest single ‘Sober’! With support from MTV, BBC Introducing, Notion and a plethora of editorial playlists, it’s clear the track has captured the hearts of listeners. What are your favourite elements of the track and why do you think it resonates so much with your fans?

Thank you so much! I loved first hearing this song come to life in the studio. I wrote it originally on guitar with my producer, Bjorn, and it was very laid back and jazz influenced. When we brought the band in, it really gave such a presence to the sound and the record as a whole. I love the horns the most in this track.

You’ve got a lot of exciting shows coming up this year, including performing at the BBC Introducing stage in London’s The Lower Third on July 4th. What can fans expect from your live shows?

For July 4th I’ll be bringing guitar and percussion which I’m so excited about. We have just come off tour in France with this same set up and there was such a great energy on stage. I’ll also be including some new unreleased music at upcoming shows, so very excited to perform them live!

Your highly anticipated debut EP ‘Self-Sabotage’ is set for release on September 13th, what can you share about your writing process and inspirations for the EP?

Most of my music is almost always voice note recordings of melody ideas and mumbles! I find that much easier than working with music on the spot. Then I work with my producer to piece parts together on the guitar. I’ve really enjoyed the working process on this first EP and figuring out myself as an artist has been the most exciting journey!

We can’t wait to see what else you’ve got lined up for the rest of 2024– have you got anything coming up that you’re excited for?

I’m excited to be performing at Neighbourhood Festival and I can’t wait for my second France tour starting in November too! And working on my next EP right now is really exciting too. I am looking forward to releasing more music !

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