Tue 14 May 2024



Cameroonian- American songstress Libianca first became enchanted with the world of music at an
early age, mostly when her babysitter would sing covers of popular songs to her and around the

The music playing during Libianca’s childhood included: gospel, R&B, Afrobeats, and Makossa – a Cameroonian genre that is a blend of rumba, funk, highlife, and many other eclectic sounds. Her upbringing consisted of church and singing with the congregation.
Alongside church, Libianca would also attend school showcases and perform at games to practise
singing in public. After ten years of development and training to hone her talents, Libianca is
becoming a true artist.

Libianca’s incredible voice and trilingual nature, consisting of Pidgin, English and French, have influenced her to arrange her music around the many languages she speaks.

Recently, Libianca signed to 5K Records and RCA after teasing her breakout hit ‘‘People’ on social
media that has rightfully placed her in many exciting conversations. Libianca’s gradual success over the past few years is no coincidence, she is truly a star in the making and one to watch.

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