Thu 26 Oct 2023

Interview with… Debbie

  • Rising R&B/Soul singer-songwriter Debbie heads out on tour this November. We caught up with her about her biggest inspirations, collaborations and more below…

Introduce yourself – where are you from and how did you get into music?

I’m from South East London, and have been singing since I could talk. I never really planned to step into the world of music but after leaving college after studying music tech, I had to get my hands on any and everything music related. I had a creative itch – and it lead me here.

Who are your biggest inspirations and how have they shaped the music that you write?

  • I grew up with very strict parents, and I was never really allowed to listen to circular music, apart from whatever Disney Channel had to offer and these two Christian CDs that my mother had allowed me to buy. The albums by Kirk Franklin and Mary Mary have been small treasures I use to inspire from time to time.

How did your collaboration with Stormzy come about? What is your relationship like?

Stormz had heard my music through a mutual A&R. He then suggested a session together and that is where we met. The music flowed effortlessly, and the session paved the way for many more.

Your new single ‘I’m Different’ has just been released. Tell us about the meaning behind the song.

My new single is all about body positivity, and owning what you have. I’ve never been the most confident about my body, but I’m learning to appreciate it, and the beautiful life that it gives to me.

What does your writing process look like? Is it always the same?

My writing process tends to follow the same pattern, which is being in a musical space with a producer/musician and just jamming. HOWEVER sometimes I wake up with a melody from my dream and I have to get it down in the home set up I have – it sounds weird but I’ve learnt to trust and accept the process of it.

  • Are you excited for your upcoming Manchester and London shows this November?
  • I’m so so so excited, the family is getting bigger and I love the love around the music – I love the relatability and the connections being made. These kinda shows are a chance to connect with everyone face to face. It’s irreplaceable!
  • Anything exciting in the pipeline you can share with us?
  • I’ve been flirting with the idea of an album recently…
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