Fri 9 Jun 2023

We caught up with Goo Goo Dolls ahead of their UK Tour this month…


Ahead of their UK tour that kicks off next week we caught up with Goo Goo Dolls frontman John Rzeznik…

You’ll be heading back to the UK and Ireland for the first time in over 3 years next week. What can people expect from the show?

Wow, that’s always a difficult question to answer but I think people are going to see a big rock show that’s loud and energetic. Also, we’ll play a bunch of songs people can sing along to.

You released your new album ‘Chaos in Bloom’ last year, can you tell us about the creative process behind the record?

I wanted to get a more organic feel of the band playing live, so we went up into the woods in upstate New York and spent a few months just playing together and playing together and developing the songs and capturing the performance in a semi-life, sort of situation, which I think made it have a certain vibe to it.

You’ve recently launched a new remix of “Save Me From Myself” by NYC producer and remixer Alex Aldi. How did the collab come about?

I love Alex Aldi I think he’s super talented mixer and producer and he and I’ve been working together for years. He originally did a remix of boxes and ever since then we’ve been friends and collaborators.

This year saw your smash hit “Iris” officially eclipse 1 billion streams on Spotify which is amazing! Did you ever imagine the song being such a big hit?

I was like wow I can’t believe it. That’s a pretty amazing thing to have accomplished. Unfortunately, the way the streaming services work with the record companies you really don’t make very much money anymore doing that.

You’ve just finished a huge 70 date tour of the U.S, how did it all go? Any favourite spots that you performed?

My favourite performances are always based on how the crowd is feeling and when they’re up and having a good time, any place is the best place to have a show.

With more than 30 years together as a band and over 12 million albums sold, what do you think has been the key to your success?

I never underestimate my luck and also working my ass off.

What else does 2023 have in store for the Goo Goo Dolls?

We’re excited to be coming to the UK and doing those shows we haven’t been there since Covid so I think it’s going to be exciting. Also, we’re doing a pretty big tour of the United States and a festival in Brazil and then we’re going to go to Australia with Matchbox Twenty.

Have you got any messages for your fans?

Yeah, I just want to thank all the fans for sticking with us and keeping this band live for such a long time and come on out. Have a good time.

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