Fri 19 May 2023

We caught up with modernlove. ahead of NBHD Weekender…


Tell us a bit about Modernlove, where are you all from and how did you start the band?

We were all friends from school, we didn’t really set out to start a band we just became friends at a young age and bonded over music. When we first started jamming out together we were just doing it to make sounds together. We were just having fun playing covers of songs that we liked.


How did the name Modernlove come about?

Two of us are really big fans of the band bloc party and the show “how I met your mother”, when we were about 16 we were watching an episode of the show and there was a really nice scene in it that had the song “this modern love playing behind it”. We said to each other that we wanted the bands music and aesthetic to feel like that scene, so we named the band after it.


How would you describe your music in three words?

Dirty Stinkin Bass


Who are your main influences, and how do they come into play within the music you write?

We have a wide range of influences that span so many genres, I think our biggest influences would probably be Bloc Party, The Cure, Porter Robinson and Blink 182. There’s also other bands like the 1975 and Bombay Bicycle Club that we take some of our poppier influences from.


What is your favourite song to perform live?

It changes from show to show, I think at the moment it’s probably our song “until my heart stops beating” because it’s our opener.


What inspired you to write ‘Take Me Far Away’?

I think when you grow up in a small town like we did you’re always yearning to escape to somewhere bigger and better. Pairing that sentiment with dealing with some mental health struggles helped us write that song.


You recently released your EP ‘Oh My Mind’ what was the songwriting process like for this?

Some of the songs on that were brand new and some of them were written when we first started the band in 2016. So it was a nice mix of writing new songs together and fully realising some old ideas.


You’ve recently been added to the Neighbourhood Weekender 2023 lineup, how are you feeling about performing?

We feel great! It’s always been a festival we’ve really wanted to play, and we’re very well practiced having been on tour on and off for the past 5 months.


For those who haven’t seen you live before, what can they except from your set?

Lots of energy and lots of noise, we’re a lot louder than people might expect us to be.


Is there anyone you’re excited to see perform?

Definitely looking forward to seeing CMAT, it’s always nice to see other Irish artists at festivals in the UK. Bonnie Kemplay, Everything Everything and obviously Pulp will all be great to see. There’s so many great artists.


What’s next for Modernlove, anything exciting in the pipeline?

We’re going to be playing a lot of festivals in the UK this summer, then we’re going to be going on a world tour in the UK, Europe and America from September to November. We’re also going to be releasing lots more music throughout the year.


Modernlove. will be performing at NBHD Weekender at Victoria Park,Warrington on Sunday 28th May 2023

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