Fri 21 Apr 2023

Interview with… The K’s

The K's

We caught up with lead singer of The K’s, Jamie Boyle ahead of the band’s performance at NBHD Weekender festival in Warrington this May!

Firstly can you tell us a bit about the band and how you formed?

We’ve all been in bands since high school but they were never anything serious and they all split up when everyone went off to college, uni, etc. The K’s as we know and love ‘em were formed at about 5:30am in a mutual friend’s kitchen after me and Ryan had been on separate nights out. Probably the only drunken plans ever made under these circumstances that we’ve ever followed through on!

You’ve just come off a huge UK and Ireland tour, how did it go?

Every single night was unreal. Even we were taken back by how much it stepped up. We’ve always had a good following but now we’re selling thousands and thousands of tickets all over the UK. It’s mega and it’s only going to get bigger.

What was one of your favourite cities to play?

For me Newcastle will always be special. My dad is a Geordie and I have been going up there for as long as I can remember following the Mags. We played NX which is an iconic venue so to see it full of mad K’s fans in my home away from home was special.

You’ve recently shared your new single ‘Chancer’ which is getting a lot of love, can you tell us about the inspiration behind the track?

It’s just a story that may or may not be true about finding solace in a certain type of bar after losing your mates on a night out. Allegedly…

You have a busy summer coming and will be performing at NBHD Weekender festival in Warrington on Saturday 27th May, are you looking forward to this?

I’d say that’s the one I’m most looking forward to! Last time we played there it was probably our biggest crowd ever so it’ll no doubt be even bigger this time around!

This will also be a hometown show, does this put extra pressure on you or just create more excitement?

Pure enjoyment on our side. I think you can see it a mile off and that’s why we have such a good live show. We absolutely love what we do and our shows just turn into one big party for us and for the crowd.

What is your festival necessity?

ALE. Haha, no I’m joking. Erm, it’s a weird one for us cos it’s usually pretty hectic but when we have chill time we do like a beer. So yeah – ale.

For those that haven’t seen you live before, what can they expect from your set?

A fuckin good time. Fire and skill.

What does the rest of 2023 have in store for The K’s?

Release as many tunes as possible, play as many shows as possible, keep growing as much as possible! It’s gonna be a big year.

Have you got any messages for your fans?

To be honest we just wanna say thank you for the support. It’s amazing how much our fanbase is growing every day. We’ll be selling out arenas before we know it. Long may it continue.


The K’s will be performing at NBHD Weekender festival in Warrington on Saturday 27th May 2023

Tickets for NBHD Weekender festival are on sale now and available HERE


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