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Ahead of their performance at NBHD Weekender festival next year we caught up with Brighton five piece Slant…

Firstly, how did the band come together and how did you all meet?

We met at Brighton nudist beach, comparing our…towels. It was unanimous that the band should follow.

You are based in Brighton, tell us about the music scene in the city?

It’s a smorgasbord of fun – always something happening, always something to see.. new bands popping up all the time. It’s great catching an unexpected new favourite band on a random night out.

You’ve had a busy year with headline shows and festival performances including NBHD Festival in Manchester. What’s been one of your highlights so far?

Isle of Wight Festival carries lots of vivid memories for us but one of the best moments was the annual blow-up bed skidding campsite competition of 2022.

You are supporting Wet Leg at London’s O2 Forum Kentish Town on 23rd November, this will be a huge show. You must be looking forward to it?

We’re really excited! Hoping there will be a few packs of warm beer for us to consume…

You’ll also be performing at NBHD Weekender festival in Warrington next year on Sunday 28th May. What do you love the most about playing live at festivals?

Finding new fans and talking to new people. It’s exciting to play to people who don’t know us – trying to warm up a new crowd is always a rewarding challenge. Traveling around brings its fair share of laughs and disasters too.

Your debut EP ‘My Friends Are All Machines’ was released earlier this year, tell us about the creative process behind the record?

This was very much a concept EP. We were all, like many in 2020, feeling the isolation and loneliness of that time, longing for a world that no longer existed to us. We always like to accompany our music with strong visuals – the idea behind our cover art was to depict a newsroom that was reporting on a dystopian disaster about to hit planet earth.

How would you describe your music in three words?

Playful, kooky, theatrical.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

It’s difficult to pin our influences down because we all take inspiration from a wide range of genres and artists. There is obviously some common ground but a lot of our performance is about being able to express ourselves individually, which makes for an interesting sound when combining the likes of the B52s, Queens Of The Stone Age and Kate Bush.

For those who haven’t seen you live before, what can they expect from your set?

Frenetic energy, histrionic grooves and a man that plays guitar behind his head on occasion.

Any messages for your fans?

Are you out there??????????


Slant will be performing at NBHD Weekender festival in Warrington on Sunday 28th May 2023

Saturday 27th + Sunday 28th May 2023 – Victoria Park, Warrington

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