Fri 18 Nov 2022

Introducing…Chappaqua Wrestling


Following the release of their new single ‘Wayfinding’ we caught up with Chappaqua Wrestling on tour life, new music and their headline performance at NBHD Weekender festival next year!

How did the band form and where are you based? 

We (Jake & Charlie) started writing together when we were teenagers, but we began Chappaqua Wrestling when we were about 23 in Manchester, whilst at university. We are originally from Brighton, but now all reside in London. Sorry for the geographical mess, let’s just say we’re from the British Isles. 

You’ve just finished your first headline tour which was sold out on almost every date, which is amazing! How did it all go?

It was incredible. Lots of mayhem, lots of crowdsurfing. It was also our first-time meeting fans and getting to know them, as our original headline tour got crushed by Covid! The tour taught us a lot about the set we’ve been defining over the last couple of years, now we feel like we feel like a very oiled machine. 

Any funny stories that you can tell us from being on the road? 

Bristol was interesting, there happened to be a teenager techno night going on upstairs, with a lot of intoxicated kids, some of them found themselves downstairs at our show looking pretty confused. The accommodation situations were pretty funny. We decided to head straight to Amsterdam on the night of Brighton headline. We found online a “quirky” backpackers hostel, upon arrival at 3am, we noticed the mattresses had been taken from skips. ‘Property of Dover Council. This mattress is for skip collection.’ We didn’t need alarm clocks the following morning. 

You’ve had a busy summer with lots of gigs and festival performances, what’s been one of your highlights so far?

It’s been a fun ride. Truck Festival was great, Leeds was great, UK tour was amazing. But to be honest a huge highlight for us has been playing on the continent. We’ve played four shows across France & Netherlands in the past two months and they’ve been incredible. The Europeans are good hosts. 

Tell us about your recent single ‘Wayfinding’?

Wayfinding is a song to guide you through the ups and downs of doing something you really believe in. However glossy-eyed you are on a weekend about life, the mid-week lull can come to ruin it. The monotony of work, the routine of debt via rent and pub eating at your soul. It also absolutely slaps live, can’t way to play it to you lot!

You’ll be performing at NBHD Weekender festival in Warrington next year on Saturday 27th  May. Are you looking forward to this? 

YES. It’s our drummer John’s birthday on that day so we’re going to celebrate double hard! Can’t wait to play near our home-from-home Manchester. We’ll also be sticking around for Confidence Man on Day 2.

What’s the best thing about playing live?

As we’re just starting out doing headline shows, seeing everyone know the lyrics and screaming back to us is really special. Definitely up there for our recent live highlights. That and sweating a year’s worth of sweat every night 

What is your festival necessity?

Dry shampoo. Warm Dark Fruits. Scouting for Girls. Mud.

For those who haven’t seen you live before, what can they expect from your set?

It’s very loud and energetic these days. John the drummer will have his top off by track two. Coco will normally pour beer all over herself. A Michael Bublé cover or two. We’ll also be expecting a mosh in Warrington.  

Any messages for your fans?

Get your wrestling moves locked and drilled for the next tour gang.


Chappaqua Wrestling will be performing at NBHD Weekender festival in Warrington on Saturday 27th May 2023

Saturday 27th + Sunday 28th May 2023 – Victoria Park, Warrington

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