Thu 1 Sep 2022

Interview with… The Clause



For four-piece indie band The Clause, 2022 has been their biggest year yet. Alongside supporting big names in the alternative indie game, such as The Reytons and Mystery Jets, the band embarked on their biggest headline tour yet earlier this year, selling out in Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and Liverpool.

Amidst a busy festival season, front-man Pearce Macca found a second to chat to us…

  1. Tell us a bit about yourselves! Where are you all from and how did your band form?
  2. We are The Clause from Birmingham. Our story as a band dates back quite far. We started a band as a joke in our first year of secondary school for a bit of fun. We soon realized it was our dream to spend our lives making music and gigging everywhere possible so we founded The Clause shortly after we left school. 

Who are your main influences and how have they shaped the music that you write today?

  1. Collectively we’ve all got so many different influences it’s hard to keep track of them all. We’re all massive fans of The Rolling Stones and the bands who fronted the 70s rock and roll movement. We’ve always tried to incorporate the attitude and vibe that was portrayed in the music from that era. We’ve also got massive disco influences, being fans of artists such as Nile Rodgers and the BeeGees, that seeps its way into the groove of our records.

What’s the best gig that you’ve played so far?

I’d say the most enjoyable gig we’ve played has to be NBHD weekender 2021. We played the Viola Beach stage and dragged in one of our biggest festival crowds. The sun was beaming on us and everyone was having a blast, the crowd were incredible. It was definitely one of our favourites to date.

  1. Your EP ‘Forever Young’ recently came out. What would you say is your favourite song from the EP and why?
  1. The lead track ‘Forever Young’. It’s an anthem filled with notions of sticking your fingers up to the world and refusing to grow up. This record means so much to me as I wrote it at one of my lowest points on my birthday during lockdown. I just tried to turn all the negativity I was feeling into something positive and wrote this song.
  1. What can we expect from a headline show from you guys?
  2. We put everything into our live shows. They’re filled with so much energy, scintillating riffs and anthemic choruses. Since we were kids we’ve wanted to try and be the best live band about so we leave everything out on stage for the people who have come to see us.

You’ve recently been added to the Neighbourhood lineup. Are you excited to play? Is there anyone else you’re looking forward to see?

  1. It’s our first time playing Neighbourhood Festival and after playing the weekender last year I’d say it’s the gig we’ve been looking forward to the most this year. The quality of the lineup is mad, it’s really hard to single out individual artists. I am looking forward to seeing Dead Pony again. We did a festival together at some point last year and had good craic with them; great live band too.

What’s next for you guys? Anything exciting in the pipeline?

  1. We’re currently planning our biggest tour yet for the end of 2022 and the start of 2023 which will include the biggest headline show we’ve ever done to date. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled because we’re coming to a place near you very soon. We’re currently writing our best material yet and we’re itching to get it out in the world so you can all hear it. Make sure you’re following us, there’s big things coming.

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