Thu 25 Aug 2022

Interview with… Rosellas

  • For fans of DMA’s, The Verve and The Night Café, Manchester-based Rosellas feel massively nostalgic to the 90s Manchester alternative rock scene. Amidst a busy summer of festivals and being recently added to the Neighbourhood lineup, we had a chat with the boys…

Where are you all from and how did your band form?

“Drew and Euan met on the train coming back from a Blossoms gig and became friends over having similar music tastes and both wanting to start a band. Ollie and Luis were friends of Drew’s who had both previously played together in different bands, and Mark joined later on through meeting Luis at RNCM. We’re all from Manchester apart from Mark, who is from Leicester. “

Who are your main influences?

Euan (Rhythm Guitar) says “My main influences are bands such as Shack, Oasis and The Smiths, and these influence the way I write as I try and emulate what I love about their songs on my own.”

What’s your favourite song and why?

Ollie (Bass) says “Born under a cloud because it was our first single. We still play it near enough every gig, still going strong today and receiving one of the best reactions every time we play it.”

What has been the best gig you’ve played so far?

Mark (Drummer) says “We’ve had some pretty exciting gigs over the past year or so and I think it differs between each of us which one is our best. For me, it’s definitely the atmosphere and energy in the room that decides which show stands out. It’s really hard to say which singular gig is the best so I’m going to name 3 that stand out to me. 

We played Y Not Festival the other week and I felt a proper buzz after that show that I hadn’t felt for some time. We absolutely filled the tent with what I could see as mostly new faces and everyone was absolutely having it. Other than that, when we sold out our headline show at The Deaf Institute back in December 2021 and played a sold out Gorilla in Manchester supporting Australian band Planet, those are some highlights that’ll definitely stick with me.

We’ve got some really big shows coming up in September that we are about to announce so I’m sure a lot of those will be added to the list!”

You’ve recently been added to the Neighbourhood lineup for this October. Are you guys excited to play? Who else are you excited to see play?

Luis (Keyboard, Synth and Backing Vocals) says “We’re so excited to play Neighbourhood! Growing up in Manchester, this festival has given up and coming bands the opportunity to perform in front of a brand new audience, and receive new fans. There’ve been so many unreal acts who have played here over the years, who inspired us when we started out, so it’ll be a pleasure to play the same stage as them. 

We’re buzzing to see The Skinner Brothers, The Snuts, and our mates from Birmingham, Overpass.”

What can we expect from Rosella’s in years to come?

Drew (Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals) says “You can expect a storm of mega tunes being played through mega guitars to mega crowds, saving guitar music from a sinking ship of mediocre, nonsensical indie pop bands. We’re here to make a difference with our sound and make real music heard again, felt again by the masses.” 

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