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Future Teens Come to the UK


Emo rockers, Future Teens, are broadening Boston’s music scene with their alternative “bummer pop” sound. In 2019, they were nominated for Artist of the Year at Boston’s music awards and have been rising up since. Despite a pandemic hitting early in the newcomer’s career, they didn’t let it stop them grinding out albums that profoundly connect with people. We managed to catch up with the band before their first ever UK tour.


Q: What other artists would you file yourselves next to in terms of sound?


Daniel: We always say that we’re too emo for the indie kids and too indie for the emo kids. So somewhere in between those two worlds. Also, a writer in Boston once told us there is something country about us…which we love. All that is to say that we take influence from all sorts of artists. Recently it’s been everything from Frightened Rabbit to Rosie Tucker to Bruce Hornsby to Spanish Love Songs.


Amy: Don’t forget Dan + Shay and Carly Rae Jepsen, Daniel!


Q: You’re all from Boston. Has this city influenced your music style at all?


Daniel: The biggest influence has been that we all met in Boston. Boston is big enough that you don’t know everybody in the scene but small enough so that you feel like you do. We all played in bands coming up in the scene and eventually met one by one through friends or friends of friends. There are so many good bands from Boston that we got to play with before we started touring. Valleyheart, Shallow Pools and Lady Pills to name just a few.


Q: When it came to making music, did the pandemic change your creative process in any way?


Amy: It was definitely limiting, especially prior to vaccines – Daniel and I finished writing the bones of Deliberately Alive over facetime, and then had a single day with Colby and Maya to stand in opposite corners of a barn to finish arranging it. But the physical limitations made room for a lot of experimenting – and less second guessing ourselves – and it was all the more special when we were able to consistently be in the same room again. 


Q: Your new EP- Deliberately Alive- dives into some issues of mental health, is this topic important for you to get across in your music?


Amy: Music is one of the major ways we all process our experiences and emotions. Being in this band has taught me so much about the power of vulnerability and not taking myself too seriously – writing about the hard stuff is an exercise in catharsis, and the fact that other people can connect to us in it is such an incredible bonus. 


Q: Now that live shows are back, is there anywhere that you’re dying to perform at?


Daniel: Well, the big one is the next tour which is in the UK! None of us has gotten to perform outside of America so it’s a huge deal to be able to fly across the world to play for people. Other than that, we’re excited to play anywhere to be honest. We haven’t gotten to see each other very much so it’ll be so nice just to be in a van back together. 


Q: And on that note, is there any bands/artists you’d love to play with?


Daniel: Right after the pandemic began, we were supposed to go on tour with Spanish Love Songs and Dollar Signs. Still a dream tour and still hope it happens someday.


Amy: Daniel you forgot Dan + Shay and Carly Rae Jepsen again (let me dream)


Q: For many of us in the UK, this tour will be the first-time seeing you guys perform live. Are you excited? And is there anything that you want people to take away from your shows?


Daniel: We are both excited and nervous I’d say. Mostly excited though. We have a lot of pent-up energy from not getting to play as much as we’re used to, so we hope that the crowd is ready to go as hard as we are. 


Amy: It’s still so surreal, I don’t think it will truly sink in that this tour is happening until we’re there. My biggest hope is always that folks can feel comfy and safe to let it all out with us. I hope everybody’s ready to rock!!


Q: What’s the best gig you’ve performed so far in your career?


Amy: Our first show since the start of the pandemic was here in Boston as part of ONCE’s summer series at Boynton Yards, with fellow Boston bands Shallow Pools and Color Killer. It was one of the most cathartic and beautiful nights of my life.


Daniel: I’ll second this one, after not playing any shows for over a year it was so amazing to play again in our hometown with so many people there to celebrate.

Author: Heidi Dixon

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