Tue 3 May 2022

Denzel Curry dominates Manchester Academy with electric performance


Hip-Hop heavyweight Denzel Curry pushed the Manchester crowd to its limit in what could be considered one of the best gigs of the year so far.

PlaythatboiZay opening in energetic fashion and had the audience in constant motion, performing some of his most well-known tracks and a handful of features. Shortly after, RnB upcomer Dexter provided a relaxed and soulful performance. Featuring melodic vocals, the crowd embraced the set with open arms and applause. The penultimate act, Sainte, ensured everyone was properly warmed up for the main event. The 30-minute performance featured well known hits, large mosh pits and several crowd chants.

After a brief pause, the interval music stopped and the audience immediately began chanting Denzel’s name. Arriving on stage he welcomed everyone to the Melt my Eyez, See your Future tour, immediately going into ‘Melt Session #1’ followed by ‘Walkin’.

Throughout the midsection of the performance, Denzel decided to take the audience back in time. Crowds went wild to some of his most energetic and well known tracks including ‘SIRENS’, ‘Ultimate’, ‘SUMO’, ‘SPEEDBOAT’ and many more.

The energy throughout the hour and 20 minute set dominated the 2,500 capacity venue and Denzel’s crowd control was quite apparent throughout. Whether it be through massive moshpits, constant movement, and the audience filling in the lyrics with their chants filling the room, everyone was completely present during this fantastic performance.

Denzel Curry’s first show in 2 years in Manchester was more than triumphant. It was a reminder that he is an elite performer and artist that is finally getting worldwide acknowledgement. A performance not worth missing.


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