Wed 13 Apr 2022

TikTok sensation Pinkpantheress brings energy to Gorilla


Tiktok sensation and upcoming artist PinkPantheress delivered a short but sweet 25-minute setlist for her tour promoting her debut mixtape “to hell with it”, that had her audience in constant movement.

The venue was slowly filling up on Sunday evening, with massive queues leading up to Gorilla’s entry doors. The main act is known for having short sets, so for the two hours leading up to her arrival, the crowd was kept satisfied with Hip Hop and R&B songs, courtesy of the support act.

Arriving unexpectedly and suddenly on stage, PinkPantheress kicked off the setlist with one of her first songs that led her to stardom, “Break it Off”. The audience chanted word for word alongside her, raising the energy bar to an even higher state.

Following with “Noticed I cried”, “Passion”, and “Nineteen”, the crowd maintained that level of energy and chanting. Even though the main act had been on for only 10 minutes, it felt as though she had been on for more than half an hour, leading the night with her drum and bass influenced instrumentals, and soft vocals with a hint of hyperpop.

Fans weren’t disappointed, as the setlist continued with heavy hitters “Attracted to you”, “Pain”, and “Just for Me”, which were undoubtedly the highlights of the night, and saw the crowd being as hyper as ever.

Shortly after “Just for Me”, PinkPantheress took a brief moment to acknowledge her brother being in the Manchester audience, and dedicated her next song, “Take me Home” to him. The setlist ended with “I must apologize”, closing a 25-minute performance, which can only be described as short and sweet. Expect PinkPantheress to perform in way larger venues in the future.

Author: Daniel Tsourekas

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