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A year ago Tayo Oyekan was busking 10 hours a day in his hometown of Reading, England. Now, the 18-year-old Nigerian-Scottish songwriter has just announced two live shows for September 2022. Performing under the moniker Tayo Sound, he gears up for the release of his debut EP with co-signs from indie tastemakers and industry heavyweights alike. We sit down with him to speak all things busking and how this set him up for live performing. Catch him live in London and Manchester here https://www.gigsandtours.com/search?q=tayo+sound&dst=&dend=


Q: For somebody who’s never heard your music, who would you file it next to?

A: Probably Easy Life and Dominic Fike.

Q: You got the attention of Black Butter records from busking on the street – sometimes up to 10 hours a day. Talk to me about this!

A: Well I used to busk to fund the production of my first couple of demos. After I released them they were picked up by a big music blog and that’s how Black Butter found me.

Q: You made the decision to leave school to pursue music. Do you think you made the right choice?

A: I didn’t really have a choice, I had 2 GCSEs! Staying in school would have been a waste of mine and my teachers time and that’s even if I could have found a school that would’ve accepted my dumb a** ha!

Q: Your debut EP, Runaway, got stunning reception. If people haven’t heard it yet, could you give me a brief run-through of the themes you write about in it?

A: Teenage Heartbreak lol. That’s pretty much it lyrically but sonically it’s a bit more dreamy and chill so don’t worry, it doesn’t sound as sad as I was when I wrote it.

Q: You are from a Scottish-Nigerian background and grew up in Reading. How has this influenced your music, if it has at all?

A: Scottish folk music has always inspired me melodically. I used to only listen to and write folk when I was a kid, same with my Yoruba roots although that seems to present itself in more of a rhythmic fashion.

Q: What’s a bucket-list gig you need to attend?

A: Jon Bellion although I don’t think he will tour again, maybe King Sunny Ade!

Q: Are you looking forward to playing up North in Manchester? What can people expect?

A: Of course!! Mayhem and carnage!!! Just kidding, Manchester always brings such a vibrant energy. I always prefer the energy the north of England brings to gigs over any other part of the country although I’m performing in Glasgow for the first time this month and I have a feeling they might top you guys but obviously I’m biased haha.

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