Thu 17 Mar 2022

The Ninth Wave bid farewell in style



“This might be our last ever show in Manchester”. In what could be considered their farewell tour after announcing an indefinite hiatus, The Ninth Wave made their last gig at YES Pink Room one to remember.

The night opened with energy and character, as Pleasure Street took to the stage with passion and a fantastic 30 minute set, which set the tone for what was about to follow.

The crowd were eager to hear what setlist the main act had prepared for them, and to their delight it was one that did not disappoint. Opening with “This Broken Design” it was clear that a beautiful mix of old and new from their “Infancy” and “Happy days” projects, alongside some new unreleased tracks from their soon to be released new album “Heavy Like a Headache” would be a perfect close to an otherwise almost perfect track record for the band.

Instrumentally and Vocally, it was one of the most interesting gigs to date this year, with heavy synths, fast drums and melancholic guitars paving the sound throughout the night. The emotional connection between the voices of Haydn Park-Patterson and Millie Kidd, led to a perfect combination of harmonies within the band itself. It was a beautiful concoction of melodies.

The interaction with the crowd was at a constant high, with fans, old and new, singing the lyrics word for word, and dancing to otherwise what can be considered a very bittersweet event. The vocalists constantly got involved in the audience, either from jumping off stage performing in the sea of people, or making the crowd feel part of something much more important than just a watching event.

In conclusion, The Ninth Wave’s first show on what could be considered their farewell tour, was one that will thoroughly be remembered for some time, and definitely one that the band can be proud of.

Author: Daniel Tsourekas

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