Mon 14 Mar 2022

Cleopatrick brought the energy to sold out Gorilla show



“This song is about… something” Luke Gruntz, lead singer of Cleopatrick announced to the crowd as the two piece from Ontario, Canada prepared to play their song ‘THE DRAKE’ in front of a sold out audience at Manchester’s own Gorilla.

Ready The Prince had warmed up the stage in exhilarating fashion playing both old and new unreleased material, making sure the moshpits were already established for the headliners.

The audience’s energy and passion came as no surprise. From the first second with their opening song “OK”, the stage was barely viewable as fans were jumping up and down, making the whole venue one large moving body.

Spirits were high during tracks “GOOD GRIEF” and “NO SWEAT”, both being featured on the bands latest album “BUMMER”, released in 2021 but only just being performed live.

Followed by familiar singles in the form of “the depths” and “sanjake”, it was clear that the live show would be at a constant peak, with the crowd movement not showing any signs of slowing down soon.

Continuing their setlist with four back to back songs including the fantastic “FAMILY VAN” and “WHY JULY”, what shortly followed was easily one of the biggest moshpits that Gorilla has seen in recent months, as the fan favourite “hometown” ensured chaos and chants throughout the whole duration.

After the highly energetic mid section, Cleopatrick decided to give the audience a breather, with “doom/2008” bringing calming and relaxing undertones to an otherwise mental night.

Following “bernard trigger” the band announced they had two songs left, which consisted of “PEPPERS GHOST” and another fan favourite, “youth”. As expected a few minutes after leaving the stage, an encore was presented, alongside Ready The Prince, with an excellent cover of Arctic Monkeys’ “505”, which ended an incredible night. The whole setlist can be considered a highlight, proving that if anything, Cleopatrick is a band that is here to stay for a while.

Author: Daniel Tsourekas

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