Wed 23 Feb 2022

Sainte maintains high energy from start to end


Performing at Yes, Sainte, the rapper from Leicester, performed tracks from his album Out the Blue and his 4 track EP Local MVP.


Sainte stands on the stage with an essence about him that invites the crowd to lean in closer creating an intimate atmosphere. He lands his verses with charisma and charm, the lyrics penetrating.


There is a UK grime feel to the venue, taking us back to the days when rappers use to battle each other.


The ceiling is low in the building, but it’s never been higher for Sainte as the chorus of ‘West’ is sang back to the rapper as he vibes and grooves out, mirroring the crowd. The room is pitch black apart from the light coming from the audiences’ phones and the pale blue mist coming from behind Sainte, which adds to the atmosphere.


Halfway through, Sainte casually walks into the crowd still rapping, and his fans crowd around him eagerly rapping right back word for word. He follows up with ‘Stylin’’, before the energy changes when ‘Round and Round’ comes on, and everyone bounces with one hand in the air.


Ending how he began, Sainte finishes his set, with a raw energy that he’s managed to sustain for the whole night.

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