Tue 1 Feb 2022

Jamie Webster is on to a winner with new album, ‘Moments’


Often hailed as the voice of today’s generation, Jamie Webster adds weight to the claim with his new album, Moments. The album was written in the midst of the pandemic and serves as the follow-up to his 2020 debut, We Get By. In true Webster fashion, he wears his heart on his sleeve. Unlike his debut though, Jamie is joined by a full band on Moments which only strengthens his ability to kick back at those at the top.

Recorded at Rockfield Studios, Moments is the next natural step in Jamie’s journey as a singer-songwriter and deals with every aspect of modern life. From the politics of the everyday to the trials and tribulations of working class life, it’s a relatable album, which helps to appeal to Jamie’s vast fanbase.

Moments branches out from the one-man folk of We Get By into new and braver territories. One of the album’s lead singles, North End Kid’ is graced with lavish strings that help the song lead into its grand chorus. ‘Knock At My Door’ has a groove to it that is remnant of the laidback swoon of Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams’.

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The album has some tender moments on it which return Jamie back to his roots. ‘Something In The Air’ is a kitchen-sink love song that almost brings you to tears. Jamie said that he wrote the song for his girlfriend as follow through on a promise, joking that if he ever got to a second album then he’d write her a song. The song touches on all the little imperfections of a modern relationship and though it may not be perfect, it is honest; a quality Jamie has in abundance.

Moments is an album that will certainly be a winner with Jamie’s audience. It is a collection of songs that touch upon nearly every emotion we have as humans. It’s angry and spiteful in places, whilst being genuine and nonchalant in the next breath. There are no veiled references or abstract concepts, no bravado or exaggeration. It is the world from the eyes of a lad who is just trying to get through life, the same as we all are. On Moments, Jamie demonstrates his ability to bottle up a feeling into a three minute track with a great chorus.

With a cult following at home in Liverpool that is spreading across the nation, it comes as no surprise that he is selling out dates all over the country, as word spreads far and wide about the North End Kid and his poignant songwriting.

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