Mon 14 Feb 2022

A guide to going to gigs alone



It’s 2022, get it together and don’t miss out on yet another gig just because Tom, Dick and Harry can’t get themselves organised. We’ve all got those mates who dilly and dally around, their own indecisiveness meaning you miss out on tickets to see your favourite band. You’ll develop severe FOMO and eventually, resentment for your unorganised pals. All of this is avoidable though, because you don’t need anyone to enjoy a concert. Trust me, it’s scientifically proven* that you’ll have as good a time at a gig on your own as you would with mates. Here’s some tips on how to tackle solo gigging, and some answers to some FAQs.

*not really, but go with it.

Find somewhere to lean…

Whether it be the bar, that random pole bang in the middle of the room that blocks everyone’s view or the barrier right at the front, it’s always useful to have somewhere to lean. It makes you look cool and nonchalant, adding to the aura of being at a gig on your own. People will look over and go, ‘Yeah, that person’s cool.’

Embrace the odd looks…

Leading on from the last point, the odd looks you may get from people aren’t ‘dirty’ looks. Not at all. Instead, they’re looking at you in awe, jealous that you can survive in the wild all lonesome. Embrace them, use them to fuel your ego. You deserve it.

Take a book.

This helps in two ways. Firstly, it’ll keep you entertained during the breaks between bands. Remember, the lights do come on between sets so you don’t need to take a portable reading light with you, but feel free just incase. Secondly, it may help spark up conversation with a fellow gig-goer. Same taste in books and music? You’re on to a winner there. Friend for life.

You’re Not Alone

To quote the seminal and game-changing Tinchy Stryder song, you’re not alone, and you probably aren’t the only person at that gig on your own. It’s actually a pretty normal thing to do, so don’t see it as an obstacle, rather embrace it as a badge of honour.


Can I still see the support act?

Yes, of course you can still see the support act. That’s a key part of gig-going that nobody should miss, whether they’re alone or not. Please refer to our earlier guidance, and take some form of entertainment with you to fill the time between sets, like a book, a journal, or that University essay that’s due in a few hours time.

What if I don’t like it?

Never give up after one go. If The National gave up after their first album, then where would we be now? Try it a couple more times and see how you fare.

Can I buy a T-shirt?


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