Thu 16 Dec 2021

Zuzu Live at Deaf Institute


Zuzu Live at Deaf Institute – Words and Image by Daniel Tsourekas

Liverpool’s own Zuzu erupted onto the stage at Deaf Institute before proceeding to sing “Never Again”. Bringing energy and warmth to an otherwise cold and rainy day in Manchester.

The opening acts, Sophie Morgan and Kyami, brought a relaxed and soulful energy, in what I’d consider to be the calm before the storm.

By the time Zuzu arrived on stage with her band, the crowd welcomed her with an uproar of cheers. The opening song “Timing” set the mood perfectly; a mood that dominated the venue for the rest of the night.

The songs that followed were a mix of old and new. A wide variety of sounds that fans have come to love Zuzu for. Fan favourites the likes of “Get Off”, “All Good” and “Lie to Myself”  are just few examples of a series of songs that got the crowd jumping.

Whether it be through playful interaction with the crowd, laughingly refusing to cover Wonderwall, making everyone get down on the floor for “The Van is Evil”, or expressing her emotions through a masterful presence on stage. I witnessed an artist who is unapologetically true to herself. That was made apparent through her setlist, energy, and charisma.

The encore consisted of songs “Endlessly Yours” and title track from her recently released album “Queensway Tunnel”. In which she remarked the night as “being one of the best of the tour”.

Met with a standing ovation, there is one thing that I am sure of: Zuzu is an artist who represents self-authenticity and emotional expression, and one Liverpool should be proud of.

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