Mon 6 Dec 2021

Stanleys: Live at the Castle Hotel









Stanleys: Live at the Castle Hotel – Words and image by Victoria Attridge-Smith

Another rainy night in Manchester’s Northern Quarter gave the perfect opportunity for new boys on the block, Stanleys, to brighten things up with their gig at The Castle Hotel. Supported by an acoustic set by The Facades, Stanleys did exactly that. 

Familiar faces greet the band, followed by chants as they walked on stage. Stanleys kick the night off with their newest single “What’s Been and Gone”, much to the delight of those witnessing the act, singing back every word with arms around strangers’ shoulders. After chants of “Up the Stanleys”, the dreamy unreleased track “Time Waits For No One” meets the crowd, a melancholic combination of lyrics, lifted by their upbeat sound. Their performance of “You”, shows Stanleys have a thrilling catalogue of unreleased songs, itching to be released. Fan-favourite “A Better Life” rattled the intimate venue, fans bouncing, pints flying. It’s clear that Stanleys are in their element.

A change of ambience took the boys into “Maybe”, a slower song, still delivering their usual dedication, and signature cheeky grins. The final song “Measured In Gold” crowned the night in true indie fashion. There wasn’t a still person in the venue, or a quiet one. With the floor bouncing and fans roaring, the band looked in awe. You could tell by their faces what this means to them. Fans old and new, from near and far, gave the boys a passionate display of affection. In return, we witnessed a night that will go down in their history books.

Stanleys sold out Manchester show on their debut tour was nothing short of a success. The four boys from Wigan truly stamped their footprint on the Indie-Capital of England.

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