Mon 15 Nov 2021

Raye: Live at Manchester Academy 2


Raye live at Manchester Academy 2 – Words by Tyrese King

Before Raye came on the stage, the high hat and snare entrapped the audience, creating an incredible atmosphere. Immediately pink lights switched on, and Raye bopped out illuminated by the lights.

Phones in the air greet Raye alongside shouts from the crowd.

‘Love Me Again’, starts. A song from her latest project, the mini album ‘Euphoric Sad Songs’, released in November last year. The crowd is deafening now, pushing the song along as they bounce, cheer and sing the words back. Everyone is having the time of their lives.

In the venue, there’s an intimate feel as everyone is lost in this moment. The clocks rewind, as we travel back In time the feeling of nostalgia In the air as ‘Keep Me By your Side’ plays out.

Pausing for a moment, to take in her audience Raye smiles. “Manchester I got some very bad advice”. The tempo quickens and the train of nostalgia continues to run, ‘Tequila’ starts to play. Then ‘Cigarette’, followed by a number of songs from her album ‘Euphoric Love Songs’ album, including UK Top 10 single, ‘Secrets’.

Raye confides in the Crowd right before she performances ‘Change My Mind’ that the song was inspired by text messages that were sent to an ex. Continuing: “When I’m heartbroken I don’t want to see anybody”. The song slows the tempo right down.

Raye involves the crowd with vocal exercises before performing the song ‘Decline’. Switching it up effortlessly from heartbreak to gangster, performing new single ‘Money Calling’ rapping to the beat with finesse.

Latest single ‘Call on Me’ was the last song of the set, dedicated to Raye’s sister Lauren.

The crowd demanded an encore. Raye returns with ‘You Don’t Know Me’ her 2016 single with Jax Jones. It was Raye’s first time performing in Manchester and we hope she comes back soon.

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