Tue 9 Nov 2021

Phoebe Green: Live at Night & Day

Phoebe Green

Phoebe Green – Live at Night & Day Café

Photo and Words by Dani Murden (@danimurden) 

Supported by Maddi Storm and Sorebae, Phoebe Green returned to Night and Day Café for her first show since pre-pandemic. For those of you that don’t know Phoebe, she can best be described as a witty more-mysterious-of-the-bunch sunflower. Her dark and moody lyricism juxtaposed with her vibrantly presented aesthetic. Spending her recent months on tour supporting indie sensations Black Honey, the alternative artist has put her stamp on the UK. She has also gained wide recognition from BBC Radio One and recently released a track with Swim Deep.

The evening was set up well with the intimate tones of Maddi Storm. With her honest lyricism and huskily vulnerable voice, it felt like we were sat watching Storm write and play music in her bedroom. With suave undertones of the likes of Alexandra Saviour combined with the innocence of London Grammar, Storm introduced us to the night with an open and pure invitation. Easing us into a night of upcoming Manchester talent.

Next came the fun and scintillating, Sorebae. Introducing themselves with “that’s S-O-R-E-B-A-E, in case you want to get it tattooed on you or something”. Previously known as ‘Mealtime’, the band have certainly introduced us to a new dimension of their sound. The tracklist was arranged with the perfect range of dreamy guitar slides and enticing lyricism. With Sorebae standing up front  unapologetically in his full suit, Night and Day were blessed with something different and authentic. Sorebae is certainly one to watch.

The main event took to the stage backed by her addictively cool band.

In classic Phoebe Green style, the musicians came on to the first song on Green’s debut album, ‘Nosebleed’. With the crowd made up of followers of Phoebe’s journey from her debut record back in 2016 to now being signed to Chess Club Records. The opening took us all back to the wholesome adolescent roots of Phoebe’s music. Then came the storm of the band’s newest chapter. Whilst Phoebe still speaks so personally and characterfully through her music, the sound behind her has grown with her as an artist.

There’s something more haunting and gritty about the machine that drives Phoebe’s concept today. The crowd adored it. Playing favourites such as ‘Easy Peeler’ and ‘Reinvent’, the room was alive with singing fans that Phoebe was returning to. The headline act left us all wanting more, playing new releases which are, no doubt, soon-to-be favourites. Such the euphoric tones of the lyrically reflection-inducing ‘So Grown Up’ and the electro-groovy tune ‘A World I Forgot’. It’s easy to refer to Phoebe Green as another one of Manchester’s hungry indie rock bands, but she is so much more than that. Being the perfect recipe of iconic, humble and dark, the band are enough for all of us to want to have a listen. 


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