Wed 24 Nov 2021

Everyone You Know: Live at Manchester YES (The Pink Room)



Everyone You Know

Everyone You Know: Manchester YES (The Pink Room): Words by Tom F-H 

I was making my way up to the first floor when YES’s walls exploded with bass. Deep, driving tones that inspire the kind of excitement only felt before a show. Sweets, the first support act, drove a lyrical rhythm to his MC’s tracks, as the duo responsible for the aforementioned bass ‘explosion’. Playing an original mix of rap with pop choruses. Followed up by Master Peace – lovestruck songwriter, singer and rapper, accompanied by DJ Melly. Bringing a more melodic set, and who were after demanded, by the headline band, to play an additional song – Master Peace’s latest single.

By the time Everyone You Know walked on stage, the room was packed and bursting with anticipation. Roars and screams welcomed the dungaree-donning frontman and his DJ counterpart. Everyone You Know jumped into their set. With creative tracks exploring many aspects of British music, from an overdriven indie guitar intro to grime rap sequences, to house choruses and drum-and-bass verses. The addition of an acoustic drum kit added to their musical diversity even further. Everyone You Know were aptly named, and spoke directly to the audience as equals, in their tracks ‘Radio’ and ‘Higher’. The mix of genres kept the performance interesting throughout, and I found myself drawn to both their sound and their appearance.

This was a performance celebrating the cultures of young people. The crowd was equally diverse with a range of ages and styles, from the teenager in the metal-band hoodie, to the small flock of office workers looking to blow off some steam. While Everyone You Know are great musically, the true essence of what they are is in their ability to unite through sound, both sonically and culturally.

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