Thu 14 Oct 2021

Noisy at Colours, London: Live Review



Noisy Live Review – Words by Jonathan Fry

“I LIKE POP MUSIC, I LIKE ROCK MUSIC, I LIKE RAP MUSIC, I LIKE PUNK MUSIC, I LIKE JAZZ MUSIC, I LIKE CLASSICAL MUSIC, I LIKE DANCE MUSIC, I LIKE MUSIC”. This slogan printed in Helvetica Bold on a t-shirt at the merch stand wouldn’t help someone unfamiliar with Noisy. The Prodigy playing in between sets would be. Keith Flint would buy that t-shirt. The unpredictable tone gives me feelings of giddiness and apprehension.

The crowd, mostly  twenty-somethings, got denser as we waited for the band’s equipment to be wired up. The temperature in the 250 capacity room at Colours, Hoxton was rising. People were queuing out of the door to get in. It was a long night for the doorman, but one man’s pain is another man’s pleasure. The look on the band members’ faces arriving on stage was that of a bunch of proud mothers on sports day.

After frontman, Cody came to terms with the hysteria and got the crowd bouncing to their opener ‘So What?’. Pleading the crowd to “JUMP”, which they did so hard that the girl wearing heels in front of me landed on my big toe. Still sore. Noisy rejigged the lyrics to “so what I’m in London and I’m fucked up and it’s Tuesday” to connect with the revellers.

The band slide up and down many musical styles, though it’s obvious their inspiration is jungle and drum and bass. One of the final songs, ‘Rock and Roll Raver’ told us their goal with point-blank lyrics, in case anyone missed it.

With wall-to-wall mosh pits. Pogo dancing and outstretched sing-a-longs. The whole crowd felt immersed in Cody’s “good vibes only”. We’re having the time of our lives – atmosphere. His energy is contagious.

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