Wed 20 Oct 2021

Introducing… Amigo The Devil


Amigo the devilAmigo the Devil Introducing

Introducing…Amigo The Devil

Meeting Amigo at this defining intersection of his sonic evolution is perhaps how he wants to be recognised creatively from now on. Amigo the Devil (Danny Kiranos) grew up in a multicultural household in Miami. He moved to Texas to record his second album, exploring sounds he may have pushed aside in his earlier career. Like Eastern European folk and Australian country.

Contrasting the dark, chaotic and despairing themes of his 2018 first studio album, Everything is Fine, his second release embodies a more considerate sound. Born Against enabled Amigo to channel his pandemic-induced fears into music that’s solidified in his authenticity. Now amassing a cult-like following with songs deriving from true crime stories. Amigo’s take on country music has been described as “Murder Folk.” Amalgamating banjo melodies and a raspy vocal into his signature sound.

Whether it’s getting revenge on a daughter’s murderer, a final love letter from a death-row inmate, or an ode to one’s flaws and mortality. Born Against packs an emotional wallop. At the end of the day, Kiranos understands that’s it’s stories. Even the darkest of ones. That connect us through it all. And he’s worked hard to get better at telling those stories.

“It’s been a goal to become more efficient writing songs.” Kiranos says, adding “this was a very conscious attempt to promote imagery over sentiment.”

Catch Amigo perform at Day & Night, Manchester in April 2022.

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