Wed 6 Oct 2021

Central Cee: Live at Club Academy Manchester


Central Cee Live at Club Academy Manchester

central cee live at manchester academy

Branching out from the Wild West of London, rapper Central Cee (aka Cench) delivers hits to his first Manchester audience. Having caught fans’ attention by polluting TikTok feeds throughout lockdown, his growth has been epic. From LinkUpTV freestyles to gaining Wizkid as a fan, he took to the stage this week to prove his evolution.

Opening to a phone-flooded crowd, Cench burst on stage with his signature track, ‘Day in a Life’. Staying true to his roots and his people, Cench wasn’t alone in his performance – accompanied by a 7-strong band of his mates. This setup gave the impression the crowd were observing a Day in The Life of Cench and his boys. Leaving the best till last, he dropped his newest track, “Obsessed with You” – noticed by the crowd in the first 2 notes.

Cench kep it hi-octane throughout and even invited two devout fans on stage for an acapella version of his single, “Commitment Issues”. He made sure to give fans their money’s worth. After months of enjoying Cench’s music online, it was priceless to feel the fans’ collective energy in one room. The fans knowing every song word-for-word shows they were with him every step of the way.


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