Thu 30 Sep 2021

Review: Leyma, Live At The Omeara.


Leyma perform live at Omeara, London

Leyma – Photo by @emilymaykaney via Twitter

Words by: Johnny Fry

Live Review: Leyma At The Omeara

I arrived incredibly thirsty, not only for live music, but for a drink as well. Bushwacking my way through the echoey tunnels of Omeara, I contemplated what to order. Once I got to the queue, a large proportion of fans were wearing t-shirts with the Heineken logo spelling out ‘LEYMA’. I ordered an IPA, naturally.

Everyone got the memo to come in the latest clothes and the hypest shoes, Leyma might have even been the one who sent out this message prior to the gig. I pictured him fastening his Burberry tie as he stepped out of an Uber at the back door of the venue with his entourage. The baggy beige suit he had on could have been stolen from King Krule’s cupboard… during the same heist his trademark croaky baritone groans got nabbed.

Leyma and his oh-so-cheeky smile radiated excitement as he romped boyishly around the stage, shaking hands, blowing kisses and fist pumping his boys. His second track, a fan favourite called ‘Been A Minute, had everyone chanting. Lyrics interweaved with the punters’ outcries boxed me into a time machine back to my first ever gig; bobbing up and down in a sea of snap back caps as the Shepherd’s Bush Empire crowd roared.

Energy levels were rising. Guests and friends jumped around the stage, filming Leyma do his thing. Throughout his awe-inducing performance, he constructed a deep, personal connection with his audience. This skilful rapport-building artistry culminated in an epic stage dive. ‘I’m getting in there with you!’ he cried as he launched himself into a sea of hands.

The show ended on an encore of ‘Bounce, coming back on stage presenting us with flowers and throwing merch into the pit of flailing arms. The flowers and flailing arms aptly personified the vitality of the evening.

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