Fri 30 Jul 2021

Introducing… bb sway


bb sway plays London Folklore in September

Hong Kong born, London-based bedroom pop artist bb sway is following up a smattering of well received singles in 2020 with new singles ‘Bet You Know’ and ‘Pearl’. Last year, her track ‘I Found Out When the Day Had Come’ was met with particular acclaim, matched with visuals that saw her dancing with cows in Northern France: a perfect representation of her carefree sound.

bb sway is always searching for peace of mind. Her track ‘Baby Wants Out of The City’ is a whistle-along, offbeat track that dazzled in glorious technicolour. ‘Bet You Know’ is another gently surreal soundscape, offering a glimpse through the lens through which she sees the world.

She explains: “’Bet You Know’ tells the story of a budding romance – the unspoken and growing affection between two people. It’s about existing in the space between having the desire to know and enjoying the excitement and mystery of the unknown.”

The singer emerged in 2019 with her debut EP ‘cosy’ which was released via NX Records – the boutique label set up as a collaboration between Goldsmiths and Matthew Herbert. The EP, supported by the likes of Mary Anne Hobbs at BBC 6 Music, showed bb sway to be an exciting new prospect with a playful yet meticulous approach to arrangement, and lyrics that make you feel like you’re hearing hushed secrets from a friend.

Driven by a desire to spread her message, create something relatable and help with emotional healing, bb sway creates bedroom pop with a wide-eyed inquisitiveness and a genuine heart.

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