Mon 12 Oct 2020

Interview With… April


We spoke with Rising Irish singer/songwriter April about her upcoming tour next May and new music.


What was it like growing up in Ireland’s County Kildare and how did you first get into music?

Growing up in Kildare wasn’t the most exciting, I used to feel judged for doing anything slightly creative. Small towns in Ireland can have a very small minded approach to things like that, luckily things have definitely changed since a couple years ago, but I do remember loving Dublin & feeling like Dublin was so much cooler than Kildare when I was younger. I’ve always been musical & stuff, my dad is a musician and always wrote songs and played music, so I grew up around it & I guess it was just second nature for me to use music as a creative outlet growing up.


Are you looking forward to your headline tour next May?

I am SOOOO excited for the tour next may, it doesn’t feel real yet but yeah it’s madness to think about playing gigs again and especially to think about people coming to see just me.


What can we expect from the live show?

You can expect major vibes, chill vibes, fun vibes, probably some awkward vibes cause I’m awkward af but overall a very good time with good music I hope


 Tell us about your debut EP ‘New Conditions’ – what is it about?

New Conditions was overall about falling in love & the start of romantic feelings for someone, all except for the impossible task of feeling complete which is about learning to love yourself/the struggle in doing so.


You’ve just released your new track ‘Watching You Disappear’ from your upcoming EP ‘Luna’, which is due to be released next month. How was working on this different to your previous EP?

The next EP Luna was a bit different to make because of quarantine life, we finished the songs over zoom calls & firing stuff back and forth. Me and Fred, my producer, did that for a while and finished them up, we had already started most of them before lockdown so it was handy. I sent Kojaque an old song of mine and wanted to see if he would like to do some additional production on it & basically he sent back a completely different version of the song & I was obsessed with it, I wasn’t expecting it at all & then I messed around with it a bit & that’s how would you let me in was born! I love this EP so much & it feels like a real step forward from the first one.


You’re only 21 and have already achieved so much, have you got any advice for any other artists wanting to follow the same path?

The best advice I have for people who want to follow the same path doing anything creative whether it be music or literally anything else is to just put shit out there, don’t listen to your negative thoughts telling you to keep your music/art to yourself, post it on SoundCloud/Instagram/ however you can, even if it’s not perfect, just putting it out there is best, even if nobody hears it at first, it’s the best way to do it. I used to just make a song in an hour & post it right away.


Describe your music in three words?

Dreamy, flowy, liquidy


What music have you been listening to during lockdown?

James Blake & Mac Miller on repeat all lockdown.


Have you got any messages for your fans?

Thank you for supporting me & listening to what I make, sharing & showing love. It means sooooo much & makes me so happy it’s hard to even put the feeling into words, for anyone that coming to the shows in may, I can’t wait to see you & hopefully meet you afterwards <3



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