Mon 21 Oct 2019

Interview with… LOAstate


Providing the soundtrack to the intense highs and dramatic lows of modernity, LOAstate balances the scales of order and chaos by creating a new world founded upon radical expression and freedom of ideas.

So far, the newcomers have been shrouded in mystery, but now they’re ready to introduce you to an LOAstate, as they play their debut headline show at YES (The Pink Room) on Saturday 16th November. Here, we found out everything you need to know about Manchester’s latest up-and-coming group…

  1. First up, could you introduce yourselves and tell us a bit about how the band started?

We’re LOAstate from Manchester, England. It started summer ‘17 as a recording project we called ‘The 87 Club’. We had people making beats and people writing words and if you had an idea you had to put it down; that was the only rule. We had no intention of starting anything serious, we just wanted to be as creative as possible. A couple of the tracks ended up in the hands of our now producer Matt Terry, which he loved, and through his guidance we recorded a body of work we’re all really proud of.

  1. You’ve released two songs so far, where these the first two songs you wrote as a band or the two songs you felt best represented you as a band?

We recorded ‘Love As You Want It’ first and ‘Why Me Why’ last. We feel they both represent what we’re about, without giving too much away.

  1. There’s a punk spirit to your sound, which seems to be reviving in music at the moment – even in newer corners of the music world. Why do you think that is? 

We think people are angry with what’s in front of them and they’re reacting in the only way they know how. Hip-hop embodies the spirit of punk in its own way and has heavily influenced our sound and attitude. We don’t mind being attached to punk as long as we’re providing new ideas rather than representing old ones.

  1. How excited are you for your debut headline show at YES?

We can’t wait. We’ve been sat on an albums worth of material since the start of the year so we’re excited to see what reaction we get.

  1. What can people expect from the set?

Dark, light, chaos and order.

  1. What is the LOAstate? It feels like it’s more than just a band name…

It’s a state of mind, or a little sub-personality you can develop to find meaning in your life which we think is important. Aim towards what you LOVE. Find PEACE in action. Face the ANARCHY of self. It’s also the name of our universe in which everything we create is set.

  1. What sets you guys out from other bands starting out at the minute?

Nothing. We’re all in this struggle together. We have our ways of doing things that work for us, we work hard, we invest what we have; we know what we want to achieve, and have a plan of how we’re going to do it. This is a brand to us, which we’ve built a strong message around; so maybe this makes us different, but who knows? We’re just being ourselves.

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