Mon 14 Oct 2019

Interview with… LION


For one special night this November, London’s Lexington plays host to BBC Music Introducing, welcoming three new artists breaking through in their field. The night will see three top talents perform, with LION, Friedberg and Mealtime set to play.

Here’s your chance to get to know LION, the 18-year-old singer-songwriter who has a way with words, an angle on persuasion, a bent for the blag.

  1. You’ve had a bit of a breakthrough year, how’ve you found it and what’s been the highlight?

This years been amazing. I’ve been so lucky to be able to go on some wicked support tours playing in some big venues in loads of new cities and getting to explore new places. Touring as a whole has been my highlight. I love it so much! I would live on the road if I could.

  1. There’s an animal theme running through your stage name and your songs, can you talk to us about that?

Ha. I called myself ‘Lion’ because my surname, Lowen means lions in German and people say I have lion hair. My song ‘Wolf’ is just a coincidence. I didn’t really think about it at the time but it is pretty funny when you see it written together.

  1. You’ve cited The White Stripes and Florence & The Machine as influences, these artists are very different. What do you gain from having such a diverse set of influences?

I grew up listening to all different kinds of music. I guess it opens my mind to possibilities when I’m writing but most of the time it just depends on what mood I’m in. I think everything I listen to shapes my music in some way or another.

  1. You’ve had some big support slots over the past year, what did you learn from these experiences?

It was amazing playing bigger venues then I ever have and seeing the production that goes into bigger shows. I also started playing with a full band this year so I’ve definitely learnt a lot from that. I LOVE MY BAND!

  1. Did you have a favourite show?

I played Hammersmith Apollo supporting Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats. That was unreal. I think it was possibly my favourite show ever. His audience are amazing and actually turn up on time to gigs so I basically had a full house in such a legendary venue. It felt pretty special!

  1. Can you tell us any stories from these shows/tours?

I was so nervous before the Hammersmith Apollo show I threw up before I went on stage.

  1. You’re making the step up to headliner at BBC Music Introducing at the Lexington in November, how excited are you for that show?

Very excited. I love The Lexington! I’m also spending whole of October in the US so it’ll be nice to get back and play a good old London show.

  1. It’s a great bill, with Friedberg and Mealtime joining you, do you know much about these bands? Are you looking forward to sharing the stage with them?

I’ve actually been listening to them both quite a lot since the gig got announced so I’m super excited to see them live. It’s gonna be a good night!

  1. Will you be debuting any new music at the show?

I might throw 1 or 2 new ones in there. We’ll have to see.

  1. What can people expect from your performance?

My set’s quite dynamic. Some songs I do by myself and guitar and others and pretty noisy.

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