Wed 16 Oct 2019

Interview with… Jade Imagine


Melbourne trio Jade Imagine have just been announced as main support for Pond on their upcoming November tour. Since their debut LP, Basic Love, explores the simple vs the abstract, we thought we’d ask frontwoman Jade McInally to answer a few ‘versus’ questions for us…

Dogs or cats?

Dogs AND cats! Oh how I love them alllll.

Tea or coffee?

Herbal tea at night, coffee in the morning.

Ketchup or mayo?

Does HP get a look in?

Beer or wine?

Red wine or a whisky if my voice needs a warm up.

Netflix or YouTube?

Well you can’t YouTube & chill can you…or can you?

Phone call or text?

I have a real ‘talking on the phone’ phobia (I feel like that’s a common thing?), so text it is.

Iced coffee or hot coffee?

That depends whether we’re in summer or winter.

City or beach?


Simple or abstract?

I feel as though these two concepts are inextricably linked; the more a drawing is simplified, the more abstract it becomes… the more you break down a scientific equation into the basic building blocks of the universe, the more abstract… I’ve thought about this way too many times.

Finally, you’re supporting Pond, how excited are you for those shows and what can people expect?

I am so excited I can’t believe we get to come to the UK again and see all your beautiful faces – it’s been exactly one year since we were there, supporting Julia Jacklin last time. We’ll be playing a lot of new songs this time as our album has come out recently. We’ve just finished an Australian tour with Stella Donnelly, so we’re feeling super warmed up!

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