Sat 17 Aug 2019

Interview with… Skinny Living


Right off the back of their sold-out tour, Skinny Living will be performing at Manchester Academy 3 this September, and we got an exclusive with the Irish-Yorkshire collective.

You’re big fans of experimenting with covers. Which one of your covers do you wish you’d written?

‘Just The Two Of Us’ by Bill Withers

You recently said you’d love to collaborate with a female vocalist at some point, has anything progressed there?

Nothing has came along yet but would still love to do it!

Who would be your dream collaborator?

Too many to list but doing a song with Jade Bird would cool! Such an interesting voice

How have the likes of Tramlines prepared you for the upcoming tour?

Lifted our spirits and brought back the bug!

You’ve become known for your impromptu videos where you film yourself doing stripped-back performances while just walking down the street. They’ve become really popular with fans, but how did it start?

It was the quickest way for us to get our songs out to people and it seems to connect better than anything else!

Can we expect one in Manchester while you’re here?

More than likely

What’s your favourite thing to do in Manchester when you visit on tour?

Go to Affleck’s

Where did you get the idea to do the “Yorkshire pub crawl” where you played sets in pubs from Stalybridge to Dewsbury?

A friend mentioned seeing a band when he was at one of the pubs and it just stemmed from that!

How many did you perform at?

7 pubs I think

You signed to Polydor in January and have since released some brilliant singles. When can fans expect an album?

Hopefully sometime next year it’s hard to say

What’s the story behind the ‘My Blood’ lyric video? 

It was just an idea we all agreed on because the song sorta conjures up that old school gangster movie vibe

You’ve been playing ‘My Blood’ live for quite a while. Why did you choose to hold off on officially releasing it for so long?

We just couldn’t agree on the right production for it for so long but this one felt closest

What can fans expect at the upcoming Manchester show?

Plenty of new music and some old tunes too

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