Mon 15 Jul 2019

Introducing…. Tessa Violet


Growing up in Ashland, Oregon, Tessa Violet definitely wasn’t one to shy away from the chance to perform or present herself to an audience.

Violet would always be featured in theatre productions during her time at high school and in 2007 she kickstarted a YouTube and a modelling career as she began to daily vlog for a school project and model fashion whilst working in Hong Kong and Thailand. At the start of her rise to fame, she was creating content such as skits, story telling and music videos for artists such as Mika, Relient K and Family Force 5.

Violet discovered her love and passion for music after her friend had left his guitar in her car and she decided one day she would teach herself to play and craft songs using this instrument – within two months she had mastered the art of playing and she began to write her own songs, fitting into the sensational genre of indie pop.

The American singer, song writer and YouTuber’s first album Maybe Trapped Mostly Troubled was released on 18th March 2014. Within the first three months since it’s release date 5,000 copies of the record had been sold and it had reached Number 10 on the Billboard’s Heatseekers chart. Then followed an EP Halloway, with the lead single ‘Dream’. The rest of the tracks on are ‘Not Over You’, Haze’, ‘On My Own’ and ‘I Don’t Get To Say I Love You Anymore.’

With Violet’s second album Bad Ideas, she is getting creative and unique regarding how she releases the record; each track on will be released one by one over the time span of a year and a half. The album’s title track was released as a single on 30th November 2018 and the final track is set to come out in 2020.

Tessa is maintaining a YouTube channel which now has a vast subscriber count of over one million. Her abundance of fans now support her every move and highly, highly anticipate the release of any of her creations whether that be debuting a new song, posting a new YouTube video or showing her hair off when it’s been transformed to another amazing colour! The YouTube content she is producing now a days is heavily influenced by her music career as she is mostly using her platform to promote her music releases but she will occasionally post a non-musical related video to take it back to how it was in her early days of fame.

Tessa Violet is about to jump into a headlining tour, travelling around many countries and areas of the world so make sure you keep an eye out for any dates where she is performing near you!

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