Tue 23 Jul 2019

Gig Preview… Ocean Alley August 2019 Tour


Next month, Australia’s most exciting band Ocean Alley is coming to London and Manchester a part of a 4-date tour. They’ll be armed with their new singles ‘Stained Glass’ and ‘Infinity’ which are available to stream now.

The Ozzie six-piece formed in 2011 on the sandy beaches of Sydney, and have since released two EPs (Yellow Mellow and In Purple) and two albums (Lost Tropics and Chiaroscuro), as well as these brand new singles which have yet to grace a British stage.

‘Infinity’ was released just last month and was premiered on Billboard, who wrote “With its warm keys and bluesy guitar tones, ‘Infinity’ is a sunny, laid-back tune, with lyrics addressing perseverance, patience and the pursuit of personal growth.” Both ‘Infinity’ and ‘Stained Glass’ (released in February) focus on guitar experimentation that stretches their psychedelic influences to the extreme. Guitarist Mitch Galbraith referred to it as “the start of a long journey that’s probably going to end in an album sometime… This is just a taste and we couldn’t wait to get it out.” Both feature dream-like riffs and distorted, brooding atmosphere fans can expect from an Ocean Alley track.

Their dream-funk sound comes from a love of psych gods Pink Floyd, Zed Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix as well as reggae legends Bob Marley, Dennis Brown and Kingfisha. Managing to intertwine the two contrasting genres with such ease and resulting in smooth, groovy bops, Ocean Alley have set themselves apart from anyone else on either side of the hemisphere.

The critically acclaimed collective have been touring extensively since May, covering North America and Australia before hitting the UK and Europe from the start of August. Their live shows have been described as “magnificent” (Scenstr) and “beyond their years” (Savage Thrills) so don’t miss out on the dreamy, uplifting experience…

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