Thu 7 Mar 2019

Review… Calva Louise at Manchester Night People


Calva Louise at Manchester Night People

Written by: Hollie Hughes


Alternative ‘punk-esque’ trio, Calva Louise, performed an unforgettable set at Manchester’s beloved music venue, Night People last night. Currently touring the UK, the three-piece band are based in London and Manchester.

Opening first was Sugarstone – a refreshing alternative sound with Mancunian roots.

Kid Kapichi was the second support act for Calva Louise. The rockier edge of this Hastings-born band is part of the charm, with their performances undoubtedly showcasing the beauty of live music. The loud power tracks such as ‘Puppet Strings’ and the newest single, ‘2019’ are definitely worth the inevitable ear-ringing afterwards!

Then came the main act. Lead singer and guitarist of Calva Louise, Jess Eastwood, looks right at home under the strobe lights – engrossing the crowd with her mesmerising stage presence and contagious abundance of energy!


Photo from Calva Louise Instagram. Taken by: Keira Anee Photography


Their seamless transition from the opening song to the hit single ‘Outrageous’ was overwhelmingly well-received by the audience in such an intimate and personal setting; fans could enjoy close interaction with one of the most unique, upcoming bands yet.

Calva Louise are a new, exciting force of the underground music scene, appealing to those looking for a different vibe. With a punk rock edge, distinctive scream vocals and fast-paced drumbeats, these artists are not your ordinary performance.

The fifth song of the set was most memorable; ‘I Heard A Cry’ draws inspiration from the likes of Britpop artists and earlier revolutionary music acts such as Joan Jett. The rendition of this track was incredibly special because it was pumped full of genuine energy, passion and enthusiasm that felt like a one-to-one exchange between each member of the audience and the main act. So much so, it was almost impossible not to immerse oneself in the whole performance. And the gig-goers did just that last night – taking a few moments amidst the restlessness to appreciate the jam-packed set and the truly unforgettable, electric atmosphere was surreal as singing and dancing was not in short supply.

Calva Louise have been likened to Iggy Pop and At The Drive In but are undoubtedly unique in their own ways.

With real instruments, raw talent and raucous energy, you don’t want to miss them on the ‘Rhinoceros’ tour. Listen to their album, of the same name, below:


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