Fri 8 Feb 2019

Review… Allusinlove at Jimmy’s, Manchester


The 31st of January at Jimmy’s was charged with electricity. It was a great evening of quality alternative rock taken from very different angles.

Carry The Crown, the first band on stage, provided an engaging and funny live performance. They made us sing, they made us dance, jumped with us, in constant conversation with the audience, showing themselves as friendly and genuine good guys. The exchanges between singer Martin James and guitarist Rupert Tyrer were hilarious and made the crowd feel comfortable. They created a joyous atmosphere. Talking about their music, the execution was impeccable, and if you like college rock and a more American vibe these guys definitely deserve a listen.

Next, Jimmy’s neighbours Sly Antics took the sceptre and led us to a more dirty, funk kind of alternative. Even though they are left without a bassist for the moment the sound didn’t feel bare but it was always warm, powerful and enthralling. Every song had its own uniqueness and brought us to a different scenery that we followed helplessly. Sly Antics did with only two members what other bands make with five components.

To crown this amazing evening Allusinlove came to us like some ‘90s gods. The air was instantly filled with psychedelic distortions and compressions but also with more deep tones, reminding some kind of grunge à la Fear No More (the song Bad Girls is a clear example of what I mean). There is experimentation but also a pop quality to their songs. The band did its best to give us a great show and even though the volume of the voice was definitely too low, they did succeed.
It’s difficult to label this band and put them into a singular box. Every song seemed to be played by someone different and not because they don’t have a style, but because they can have more than one. Try to play a song like Lover I Need a Friend. Catchy, psychedelic and with a dark vibe all at the same time. It was like being dragged from one side of rock to another in a trip that left us exhausted but wanting more and more.

  • – Maurina Angioni
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