Wed 5 Dec 2018

Review… Bruno Major at Soup Kitchen, Manchester


Bruno Major came to Manchester on Sunday evening and performed a soulful, jazz infused set at the Northern Quarter’s Soup Kitchen.

Bruno has a warming voice, which is the centrepiece of his music, creating a soothing mood in the venue as everyone stood quietly and listened intently. Many of his songs are about love and romance, involving a lot of emotion in his deep lyrics, which lie above the easy-listening, soft tones.

Bruno’s dynamic music infuses jazz with soulful pop undertones, fronted by a powerfully bold vocal, forming a rich sound. His tracks and vocal talent could be compared to the likes of Michael Bublé or Sam Smith, an artist who he actually supported on tour in early 2018.

Playing guitar or piano on each track with a combination of subtle drum beats, acting as a backbone to the music Every song is very different but still contains a recognisably unique core essence, making it instantly identifiable. Bruno played all his fan favourites, which were met with applause and cheers from the otherwise silent crowd, hanging onto every beat. He also introduced the room to a new track ‘Just the Same’, making it the debut public performance of the song.

Sweeping around the venue, Bruno’s undeniably beautiful music warmed the hearts of everyone.

Liv X

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