Fri 14 Dec 2018

Introducing… Children of Zeus


Konny Kon and Tyler Daley make up the soul project, Children of Zeus. Both originating from Manchester, Konny and Tyler have made names for themselves, being considered respected MC’s, musicians and artists, always in high demand for multiple projects. Konny is best known for piece part of hip-hop group Broke ‘N’ English and Tyler, who is also known as Hoodman, changed his career from MC and actor to soul singer-songwriter, working with artists such as Goldie, Lisa Mafia, Bugzy Malone and many more. They are influenced by a combination of 80’s/90’s rap and hip-hop, soul and reggae, including artists such as Soul II Soul, Loose Ends and Mobb Deep.

Konny and Tyler met way back in 2005, and over the years began working together, eventually putting out a collection of songs which they titled ‘The Story So Far’. Viewed as a project and the beginnings of Children of Zeus, it enabled them to test out their style and production before putting full focus into releasing a finely-tuned debut album. They combine both hip-hop and soul with rapping and singing, a decision which is what distinguishes Children of Zeus from other acts and putting the focus of attention more onto them.

Children of Zeus are contributing to Manchester’s rich and ever-growing music scene, especially now since the release of their debut album ‘Travel Light’. It shows how much they have developed and refined their sound, with the expectation to just be proud and love the album in its entirety. Since its release, ‘Travel Light’ has been featured on Bandcamp’s ‘Best Albums of 2018’, received an incredible 8/10 review from Line of Best Fit magazine and the single ‘Slow Down’ was number 20 on Complex UK’s ‘Best Songs of 2018’.

Children of Zeus will also be on tour in May 2019, coming to Bristol, Birmingham, London and Manchester.

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