Wed 21 Nov 2018

Review… Isaac Gracie at YES, Manchester


Isaac Gracie came out of hiding on Monday night, after not performing in the UK since festival season. His first gig back saw him take to the stage at Manchester’s new music hub Yes, a quirky four-story venue that opened in September just off Princess Street.

In his time away Isaac hasn’t lost any popularity, in fact it seems to have only grown. His gig was sold out weeks before it took place and he performed to a full room of fans who were singing along to his lyrics and hanging onto every word he spoke.

He opened with ‘Running on Empty’, a song packed with energy and with a high feel-good-factor. Isaac’s beautiful voice radiated through the room, possessing the ears of everyone and infiltrating them with his atmospheric music. Isaac has a way of singing that is calming but has an irresistibly fierce and passionate tone, with an underlying energy and power. The opening track got the room moving, as one of his more upbeat songs, before slowing down with ‘Terrified’.

Isaac treated the audience to not one but two new tracks during the gig. The songs, called ‘Broken Wheel’ and ‘Show Me Love’, which has recently been released along with his new single, continued to demonstrate his dynamic sound and heartfelt lyrics as well as his undeniable vocal talent.

‘You Only Live Once’, Isaac’s latest release also appeared on the set. One thing I loved about the gig was the intimacy of the venue, not because of its size but because of the way Isaac made it feel, he was chatty and instead of pretending everything was going perfectly he laughed at his mistakes (not that the most of the audience would’ve noticed) saying he was “rusty” after not performing in so long, it made everyone in the room feel more in touch and relate to him.

He then performed his most unique and stand-out track, ‘The Death of You and I’, featuring samba-like tones which morph into a heavier sound, heavier than any other of Isaac’s tracks anyway. Isaac closed his set with fan-favourite ‘Reverie’, but then, after lots of chanting from the room (or a possible plan), he came back and performed an encore of ‘Last Words’. The beautiful song being sang back to him by the room and was the perfect ending to the gig.

 Liv X

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