Thu 15 Nov 2018

Introducing… Tommy Genesis


Tommy Genesis is more than a rapper; she’s an outrageous visual artist who is going for the shock factor.

Born in Vancouver, Genesis has made it global from collaborating with Father to touring with Dua Lipa. Spending most of her childhood in an imaginary world with musical parents, she wrote her first song at just 10 years old. With a mind overflowing with originality, she eventually graduated from a specialist arts college with a focus in Film and Sculpture, taking huge inspiration from artists and photographers Tracey Emin, Richard Prince and Nobuyoshi Araki.

Her creative flair shines through in her brutal music style, daring lyrics, anime-influenced persona and contemporary grunge fashion choices which have caught the eye of every style publication around as well as Calvin Klein. She refuses to be pigeon-holed, keeping her cards close to her chest and working under the guise of an androgynous stage name over her real name, Genesis Mohanraj. She describes her sound as “blurry”, “like peeping through your neighbours blinds and seeing something you’re not supposed to see.” The same could be said for her empowering, self-described fetish-rap lyrics; like seeing something you know you shouldn’t but not being able to look away.

Through her ever-growing online presence, in 2015 she was approached by Atlanta rap group Awful Records, founded by the rapper responsible for Mary J. Blige’s mainstream success: Father. After working with the MC for his track ‘Vamp’, she officially joined DIY collective and independently released her debut mixtape World Vision in July that year.

2018 has been an explosive year for Genesis as she released her huge breakthrough hit ‘100 Bad’ which was later remixed by Charli XCX. This became one of the lead singles from her self-titled debut album which was released just last week via Downtown Records. It has been praised by the likes on Hot New Hip Hop and High Snobiety, while Pitchork stated “Her delivery, for the most part, is nonchalant and detached, managing to sound even more menacing than the production around her.”

Catch Tommy Genesis on perform at Oslo, London next February, with tickets on sale here!

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