Tue 2 Oct 2018

Lily Moore: ‘I Will Never Be’ E.P Review


Released on 1st October 2018 is Lily Moore’s latest E.P, ‘I Will Never Be’.

Opener and title track, ‘I Will Never Be’ is a raw, heartfelt tune about wanting to be the good version of yourself in a relationship, but never being good enough for another person, no matter how much effort you put in or change you go through. It sets the bar high for the rest of the E.P; with her soulful vocals and slow, twisting melodies that burst in the chorus, reminding you very much of Paloma Faith.

For someone so young, Lily already has vocals dripping in emotion and lyrics that take you aback for a second. ‘Do This For Me’ showcases both of these talents, with minimal backing from instruments- just a piano playing along delicately to keep tune and rhythm.

‘I Know I Wanna Be With You’ returns to a heavy R&B/Soul sound, with an uplifting and hopeful meaning behind it shining through. Her whole E.P explores love, relationships and expectations that come with them. You hang on every word Lily Moore sings, with the E.P flowing beautifully, showing the time and passion she has put into it.

The E.P ends on ‘All Day’, a smiley, positive song that stands out for its contrast to the earlier, more cynical songs. Overall, ‘I Will Never Be’ is a very strong E.P for upcoming singer-songwriter Lily Moore. It’s short, but long enough to take you on a journey of emotions most people will go through when it comes to love. With similarities to Amy Winehouse, Lily Moore’s music will be a fresh addition to modern music.

Lily Moore has upcoming shows this week, playing Leeds Hyde Book Club on 5th October and then Neighbourhood Festival in Manchester on 6th October. Tickets are available here: http://gigst.rs/LilyM

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