Thu 4 Oct 2018

Introducing… Jealous of the Birds


Naomi Hamilton- aka Jealous of the Birds- is a musician from County Armagh, Ireland. She has been heavily interested in poetry since she was young, as well as impressionist writers such as Bukowski, Hemingway and Kafka. English was always her best subject and one she took at University, along with Creative Writing. This influences her writing style, making the use of her lyrical vocabulary so wide and varied, exploring intricate themes and emotions of honesty and empathy that is often neglected in modern music.

Naomi applied her rich literature knowledge to song writing in 2014, stating the move into university life as ‘a catalyst for writing music’. She released her first E.P, ‘Capricorn’, in 2015, which she recorded whilst at university. The music she made on that first E.P caught the attention of producer Declan Legge, and after a few meetings, he agreed to work with Naomi on her 2016 debut album ‘Parma Violets’. Recording professionally allowed Naomi to add in grunge and punk elements to her originally folk-based sound. Little influences from Elliot Smith, Nirvana and even Leonard Cohen trickle in and out, combining with the literature influences to set apart Naomi’s music from the rest.

It was song ‘Goji Berry Sunset’ that gained a lot of media attention, with the video premiering on Clash Music’s website. She then played SXSW in Texas and was artist in residence at Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival in 2016.

Naomi’s latest E.P, ‘The Moths of What I Want Will Eat Me In My Sleep’, was released in July 2018. It features new song ‘Plastic Skeletons’ and four reworked songs from her previous album- ‘Miss Misanthrope’, ‘Trouble in Bohemia’, ‘Tonight I Feel Like Kafka’ and ‘Russian Doll’. She says that the songs were reworked because ‘we realised that a lot of the songs we were playing a little faster, a little heavier’.

Jealous of the Birds will be touring the UK in November, coming to Birmingham, Nottingham, London and new music venue YES, in Manchester.

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