Wed 3 Oct 2018

Introducing… Bryn


A teenage rapper from Croydon, Bryn is beginning to make an impression in the UK rap scene. Starting off her career by uploading videos of covers to her Instagram, most notably B Young’s ‘Jumanji’, which saw her online following grow by tens of thousands. She studied music at school and was surrounded by a variety of artists growing up, with family members listening to Beyoncé, Jon Spencer and NWA.

Bryn developed her singing voice from her sister, who- when practicing- she used to copy and sing along with. Rapping came along with the big change of entering high school. Whilst her influences come from all genres, it was the rappers that her brother introduced her to who she connected to the most.

After growing her online following through consistently posting videos of her music through Instagram, Bryn was signed to Virgin EMI in August 2017. It was the moment that changed her life and ignited her musical career.

Bryn released single ‘Pull Up’ which featured fellow rapper and old school friend, Yung Fume. The official video has over 127,000 views on YouTube, with the song getting over 326,000 streams on Spotify to date. She performed on the BBC 1 Xtra stage at Reading and Leeds Festival this past summer, an experience she will hold close, saying in an interview with The Link Up, ‘When I’m on stage I’m so comfortable, I feel like music is honestly the thing I wanna do for the rest of my life because that’s where most of my happiness comes from. On stage you feel free, even if people are judging in the crowd you can’t hear them, you can just do whatever. You’re singing your music in front of thousands of people, there was mosh pits and everything, it was crazy man. I felt like a lot of people connected, it was amazing, you feel like you’re floating on stage it’s sick man.’

Her recent songs, ‘Queenpin’ and ‘Bailiffs’, have followed suit in popularity. ‘Queenpin’ is a song inspired by all the people who hated and put-down Bryn in her life. Having to deal with constant bullying throughout high school led to Bryn being pulled out, but now she puts that emotion into her music, creating fiery songs such as ‘Queenpin’.

Bryn is performing at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen in London for her first headline show on Sunday 4th November.

Tickets will be available Thursday 4th October at 9am via:

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