Tue 30 Oct 2018

Gig Preview… FOXE, Jimmy’s, Manchester


Self-proclaimed ‘best band in the world’, FOXE, will be performing a special show at Jimmy’s in Manchester in a few weeks’ time.

Calling themselves a cross between ‘a manly woodcutter and pretentious art school’, their bright, sugary, indie pop/rock has already caught the attention of The Magic Gang and RatBoy, who they have both supported at previous shows.

Now, FOXE will take over the stage and claim it as their own for one night at Manchester’s Jimmy’s NQ. Having established only in 2016, Jimmy’s has quickly become a favourite, go-to venue for upcoming bands to play at.
FOXE have gained an increasing amount of attention from music media, with their recent single ‘Frequency’ (out now) being named as Turtle Tempo’s Friday Finest ‘Track of the Week’. Gig Goer said that ‘Frequency’ was ‘everything right now… From the get go it is obvious that Frequency is a massive tune with plenty of pop-infused energy’.

Their own festival, FOXE Fest, took place on the 21st October, which included an amazing line-up of fresh new artists. It’s very clear that FOXE mean business when it comes to their musical career.

Make sure you get yourself a ticket to their show at Jimmy’s on the 20th November, it will be a show you definitely don’t want to miss. Tickets are available here: http://gigst.rs/FOXE

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