Mon 1 Oct 2018

Bruno Major Announces December Manchester Show


It has been a prolific nine months for Bruno Major; recording, mixing and releasing music from his North West London flat. Now, he has announced that he has spent the past month working on new music and will be playing a handful of shows to premier it to his fans. This announcement includes a date at Manchester’s venue, Soup Kitchen.

A late-starter on the singing front, Bruno wasn’t exactly first out of the traps as a songwriter, either – another surprise, when you consider how fully-formed and natural his writing sounds. “I think a combination of a lot of different things had stopped me writing before. The main thing was needing to understand that I had the ability to write; I had no idea. I’d never sung before, I wrote poetry, and I wrote music in my head. It takes a certain amount of courage to put your personal thoughts into a musical format and put them out into the world. Writing my first song felt like an epiphany, and the floodgates opened and that was that.”

He finds it hard now, he says, to imagine a time when he didn’t write. “I’d been a guitarist for so many years, and I knew that music was the thing that was most important to me, but I didn’t know quite what it was within music that I needed to do. I’d been a session player, I’d studied jazz and done classical music, it was all there, but I hadn’t worked out what was missing.

It was suddenly so obvious; a real on-off switch moment, when he wrote his first song. “I felt like a much more complete person, more at peace, about everything.”

“I admire people who can write amazing songs at the age of 18, but I don’t know what I would have written about. I hadn’t discovered anything about the world. It took a few years of doing that, of living life, before I could begin to process that and spit it out.”

It’s the dueling tension in Bruno’s song writing that creates such engaging moments. In the lifts of soaring ballad Home or the struggling ode of Easily – it’s contemporary balladeering that touches something very familiar in the listener.

Bruno Major will be performing a special Manchester gig at Soup Kitchen, Northern Quarter on 2nd December 2018. Tickets will be on sale Friday 5th October via-

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