Tue 11 Sep 2018

Introducing… FOXE


A 3-piece, straight out of university, guitar-lead band, specialising in sugary sweet indie pop/rock, FOXE have a sound that will infiltrate your ears and have you hooked in no time. Their recipe of clean guitar based melodies and light vocal harmonies is something most indie bands always try to do but haven’t accomplished quite as well as FOXE have.
FOXE feel that their band is a cross between a ‘manly woodcutter and pretentious art school’, which is probably the most interesting and confusing description a band has given of themselves for a while.

The trio currently have three singles- ‘Bubblegum’, ‘Frankie’ and ‘Honeytop’, all of which are under three minutes but all equally addictive to listen to. That repeat button wouldn’t know what hit it (apart from you, after discovering FOXE).
FOXE have very high aspirations and ooze confidence in themselves, declaring (through their Twitter bio) that they are the ‘best band in the world’. They have even created FOXE Fest, which takes place on the 21st October. For their festival, they have invited 5 other upcoming bands and artists to play throughout the day, ensuring everyone has a good dance and a good few ‘bevs’.

Are FOXE stopping there though? No, definitely not.

Their next single, ‘Frequency’, is due out this month, however the band have been very vague on the date. The only little taste they have given fans is a 9 second clip on Twitter, but those few seconds sparkle with promise.

FOXE will also be performing a handful of shows, including a date at Jimmy’s in Manchester on the 20th November. You can expect their show to be a beautiful riot, one that’s as bright as their artwork, but with the sole intention of just having an amazing time.
Tickets will be on sale Friday 14th September at 9am via: http://gigst.rs/FOXE

Spotify: https://t.co/4jEm7fqdld
Twitter: https://twitter.com/foxeband
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/foxeband/
Official Website: https://t.co/xCCb0uykmn

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