Wed 1 Aug 2018

Introducing… Jimothy Lacoste


Jimothy Lacoste has built his music career out of simply being himself. The 18-year-old from north London, whose real name is Timothy Gonzales, turned to music in his time of need and subsequently became a viral sensation being championed by the likes of Reggie Yates, MistaJam, Giggs and Chase & Status.

With the education system beating him down, he wrote and produced his first song ‘TIMMY’ on an iPad app in 2016 despite having no musical experience. But ‘TIMMY’ unexpectedly became the start of something special as its glitzy, futuristic synth sounds and memorable lyrics resonated with his audience. He released another handful of tracks like ‘B.L.E.S.S.E.D’ and ‘Tunnel Vision Prod’ on SoundCloud with each having over 10,000 plays before he was met with today’s phenomenal success.

The cause of that success was last year’s ‘Getting Busy!’, which discusses his packed out schedule and brought about his catchphrase “life is getting quite exciting”. As his life at the time was quite the opposite, he wrote the song as a planned prophecy which he proclaimed would be his future – and its definitely been fulfilled. He has since released three other major hits: ‘Future Bae’, ‘Subway System’ and ‘I Can Speak Spanish’.

Crack Magazine have called Lacoste’s music “strange and endearing”, noting the self-help messages intertwined with his free-styled bars. Behind his seemingly whimsical lyrics are more poignant and inspired messages that show the depth of his character: the mature, conscious being in the shell of a trendy teenager.

Catch Jimothy Lacoste on tour this September as he stops off in Bristol, Nottingham, Birmingham and Manchester. Tickets on sale now from here!

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