Thu 5 Jul 2018

Review… Sunset Sons at Deaf Institute, Manchester


Sunset Sons
+ Vistas
@ Deaf Institute, Manchester
4th July 2018

Sunset Sons and Vistas…two band names which go perfectly with the current beautiful summer sun we’re all loving. They are here tonight in Manchester doing a sold-out show, and the anticipation around this gig is incredible. Having gone from being friends who love to surf, to supporting Imagine Dragons in a matter of years, life has become even more exciting for Sunset Sons. Songs such as ‘Remember’ and ‘She Wants’ are catchy fan-favourites from their debut album Very Rarely Say Die, that really embody that pumped up alt-rock genre. Their next EP The River, takes a more mature turn due to the band having more time to solidly focus on the song meanings and writing. ‘Running Man’ was the first single released from it, with ‘Love Lights’ coming out this Friday (6th July) and the EP being released in its entirety on 27th July.

Vistas kick off this evening with ‘Sign Language’- and I instantly love it. The high pitched, cleanly melodic guitar riff bring this song to life, lifting the entire song up and making it a good little number to have a dance to. This feature recurs throughout pretty much every song in their set, but not in an overly-repetitive way. Their style also sounds like early Arctic Monkeys, especially in the tone of the vocals. Vistas have delivered a warm up set tonight that is already worthy of being headline material. People are ready now, ready to party, with energy and endorphins flowing round the room. I highly recommend listening to Vistas after seeing what they’re capable of tonight.

 From the beginning, Sunset Sons have the audience wrapped round their little finger- from leading the chant to introduce ‘Bring The Bright Lights’ to the endless screams they receive after each song. ‘She Wants’ is a great song anyway, but it is one of those songs that, when played live, sounds like it was MADE to be played live. It gets so much fuller and reverberates around the room, becoming something amazing.

Us lucky people who attended tonight have also been treated to upcoming single ‘Love Lights’. Let me tell you, this song is an absolute bop. It’s groovy, there’s sweet melodies that flow throughout the song and there’s such a good amount of energy in it. I won’t say too much more, you’ll just have to wait until Friday to hear it for yourselves. The lead piano part in ‘Lost Company’ is honestly beautiful and there are some very emotional lyrics to accompany it. It’s short, but it delivers the impact intended.

Sunset Sons are psyched to be back playing music, something they so clearly love doing. The reception they have received tonight has been phenomenal, with the crowd going so wild that they shook the floor. Before bidding farewell to Manchester (for now) they treat the crowd to ‘Remember’, putting the cherry on top of their sold-out show tonight. If you want to go check out Sunset Sons after reading this, go to their Facebook page for links to their music and go wild. You won’t regret it.

Words: Victoria Hicks

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